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“ Teachers who Love teaching. Teach Children to Love Learning ”

NAME: Krithiga Satyasheel

An Enthusiastic and Bubbly Kindergarten Facilitator. She has about 6 years of teaching experience, handling children in the age group of 2.5 to 5.5 years. Very Punctual, she is an enthusiastic learner and feel’s complete when her learners are equipped with the same. She is good at instilling the confidence of the learners.

She channelizes the learners’ energy levels into a positive flow of events. She is a learner friendly facilitator who goes beyond boundaries to make the leaners competent. She works towards the well being of the school.

NAME: Priyanka Hazarika

Enthusiastic Kindergarten Facilitator has a year experience and She is Compassionate to guide the young minds by implementing creative ideas for the learners in the classroom that they can display their uniqueness. She is ready to learn and adapt. She is confident and always tries to imbibe positivity in children.

NAME: Aarti Khandelwal

Very Refined Primary English Facilitator having 3 years of experience She is enthusiastic and talented to inspire learners to pursue academic and personal excellence. Dedicated to fostering positive learning atmosphere within the school. Consistently strives to create a challenging and engaging learning environment in which students become lifelong learners.

Responsible teacher with excellent communication and coordination skills demonstrated during classroom involvement. Caring and professional with tireless commitment to student learning and overall well-being of every child.

NAME: Durga Devi

A Multi-faceted Primary science facilitator who never says “no” to any task given. Having 5 years of Experience, she is a constant learner herself so there is scope to inculcate the same mindset to the learners.

she is friendly and caring, she feels satisfied to see learners gain skill and confidence through exploration and experimentation during her class, she feel’s happy to show them how they can apply their knowledge to their surrounding and explore, she feels each learner is special in their own way.

NAME: Bernice Susanne

A multi-talented Primary Math facilitator. She is an ardent lover of figures and calculation with 11 years of experience, who understands the skills and the level of the learners, their strengths and weaknesses and edifies them accordingly.

She uses new state-of-the-art techniques and proven practices to make the subject interesting for kids and ensures they understand the concepts. She also adds flavor to her class with music, dance and crafty works. To keep the learners engrossed keeping the types of learners in mind.


A calm and Friendly kindergarten and Primary language facilitator with 2 years’ experience. She is understanding and caring, she engages the learners well. She adds variety to make the subject interesting and informative.

Give opportunities to children to come up with their doubts and queries. Uses only positive reinforcement techniques. Respect the child's developmental needs. Her Passion towards teaching makes her to lay the foundation to her leaners according to their ability.

NAME: Nidhi Gupta

Postgraduate with B.ed has 4 years' experience in various schools . She is very composed and has dealt primary grades. She is the Hindi facilitator at Athena.

NAME: Deepa Silaparsetty

Deepa is very well balanced facilitator who has completed her Montessori and level 3 of Jolly Phonics.She is a seasoned hand to deal with the tiny tots of Athena ,she adds new ideas into the class.

NAME: Sherin

A very well experienced french facilitator who is always enthusiastic about her learners and has positive drive in the classroom

NAME: Anita

A montessorie certified facilitator who has a vast experience in IB , IGCSE, CBSE Curriculum has a creative side with lot of Positive energy and is very caring and Enthusiastic facilitator a new addition to the Athena kindergarten family.

NAME: Sai Priya

Sai Priya is a Pleasant addition to the Prep I and she is montessori trained with 2 years of experience at various schools. Very composed Facilitator.

NAME: Vasavi

Vasavi is a new addition to the Primary grade and she has experience as a math facilitator . She adds value to the school by Channelising the learners.

NAME: Ezhilarasi

Ezhilarasi has joined as part of the kindergarten who has three years of experience and a trained and certified Kindergarten facilitator . She contributes to the learners’ development and it is reflected in the joyful songs coming from her classroom, and yet has quiet command of the children

NAME: Narmada Natarajan

Narmada Natarajan special Educator trained for dyslexic and aspergers syndrome 6 years (part timer)(Scotland) Training for handling Autistic and Aspergers syndrome . She has 10+ years of Experience under her hat.

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