It is our desire and hopes that every student will find AGS a very conducive centre of learning and personal growth and complete his/her Schooling. However, we do understand that a student may have to leave for various reasons. Such exits should ideally coincide with the end of semesters. Student leaving in the middle of a year shall have to pay the fee for the complete year.

In the case of withdrawal, parents or Guardian are required to notify the Principal in prescribed format by mail or in writing.

The deadlines for making such requests as follows:

  1. Students who have applied for withdrawal from the school must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the School Office. Until this has been completed and signed, signifying all dues cleared and
  2. School property including textbook/ equipment in good condition returned, examination results,
  3. Transfer certificates/ recommendations to future school will not be issued in case of fees due.
  4. End of academic’s year withdrawals should be notified in writing not later than the 31st of March of the same year.
  5. Admission fees once paid will not be refunded.
  6. Once student attends classes, all school fees will be forfeited, and optional fees will be refunded on pro rata basis.
  7. Fees can be refunded fully if student opt out before the commencement of the classes.
Mid-Year Withdrawals
  • If the student leaves the school before the start of the academic session, the Fee paid will be refunded deducting the admission fees.
  • If the student leaves after the start of the session the fee for the entire term must be paid.
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