Refund procedure

  • All students, whether graduating or withdrawing from the school are required to obtain the ‘withdrawal form’ from the school Office’ and complete all the information and requirements stipulated therein that also includes return of all school property in good condition to various departments. Non-completion of the same shall lead to holding of examination results, reports, transfer certificates or recommendations to future school/colleges to be issued. Prospectus, Registration, Admission and IT Fee are Non-Refundable. Any instruments, equipments, gadgets, books, stationary, uniform etc. purchased from/through the school are Non-Returnable and thus non-refundable.
  • Students being asked to leave the school on disciplinary grounds in the middle of the term are required to pay the fee for the entire term.
  • A no due undertaking as prescribed in needs to be submitted before claiming refunds from the school. Refunds for pass outs/ withdrawals/ transfers, including middle of term withdrawals/transfer are processed twice in an academic year- at the end of each term. Credit balances, if any shall be refunded within 60 days of re-opening of the school for the next term after adjusting unpaid dues, if any, including notice period fee in lieu of insufficient notice, if applicable.
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