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AGS Little Learners

Learning the importance of providing a excellent learning base for the Children in the globalization scenario, AGS has always given importance to the kindergarten learning curriculum. We use different styles of delivery depending upon the each kid's learning ability.

All our curriculum and delivery methods are adopted after various levels of trials and experience.

AGE GROUP: 2.5 Yrs to 4.5 Yrs


Waterford Early Learning is a comprehensive, computer-based curriculum designed to help children build the academic foundation necessary for a lifetime of learning. Waterford Early Learning individualizes several years of comprehensive English language arts, Math, and Science education.

Composed of Waterford Reading and Waterford Math and Science, Waterford Early Learning does not assume students have background knowledge or pre-literacy skills. Starting with the basics, the program adapts automatically to give each student a learning experience that's focused on his or her exact needs.

Waterford Reading provides a complete language arts curriculum for young learners, covering crucial skills like phonemic awareness, phonics, text comprehension, vocabulary, print concepts, readiness skills, writing, and oral fluency.

Waterford Math and Science provides young learners comprehensive instruction in the five major areas of early math: numbers and operation, geometry, algebra, measurement, and data analysis. The integrated science curriculum emphasizes exploration and the scientific method while teaching earth, life, and physical science.

Learning Cycle

The learning cycle will allow for learning through sensorial and creative activities keeping in mind the learning style , pace , development and strength of each child.

The early learning curriculum will offer following benefits to the children,


We provide our classrooms colorful, attractive and with a caring environment. Each class two facilitators and one caretaker to stress on the safety and to ensure highest standard of hygiene.

All the learning props, toys and other play items are in place which are child-friendly and safety.


Children at AGS are encouraged to learn through play and active learning. It's been interesting to watch this approach taking shape in the classroom.