Correspondent's Profile

Mrs. Amutha Chandrsekar is the founder of Karuna Educational Trust and the Correspondent of Athena Global School, Chidambaram & Chennai. She did her B.Sc and Bachelor degree in Education from Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

She involved herself is spreading the education that focus on individual child learning with utmost care. She strongly believes that learning is not only reading books but it should also focus beyond the classrooms. She always wants her teachers to teach that always make a child to grow with all global values.

Message from Correspondent

Greetings from Athena Global School

Choosing the right school is a crucial decision. I have also gone through this phase of selecting the best school for my child. As an educator, I share with you my professional understanding of what is best for your child and why Athena is the right place to lay the foundations for your child's future.

We at AGS believe in the Idea of mastery and building the right mindset. The "growth mindset" is an idea developed at Stanford University. It is an idea that the ability to learn is not fixed and it can change with effort. Every child is capable of learning and it is the present education system that often lets us down. Traditional academic model is not structured for individual development. Acquiring knowledge is a linear process.

We do things very differently at Athena. We strongly believe that Education is all about raising the self esteem of the child as well as the academic achievements.

A student teacher relationship transcends all technology. Educators are not just disseminators of content but cultivators of content. The one size fits all approach in education does not work. Every child has the spark of genius and what is important is tapping this potential.

Our responsibility is preparing the next generation to be the leaders of the world when it comes to not just technology but all that we care about.

I assure you that your child at our hand will be looked after with extreme care and we would offer the best possible knowledge dissemination to your ward.

Mrs. Amutha Chandrsekar